Hello fellow foodies!

Welcome to Dirty Apron Recipes! I’m so happy you’re here! 

I’m Maliha, a Pakistani currently residing in Sydney, Australia with my ah-mazing husband Aamir. I’m a self-taught, mom-taught, grandma-taught cook and baker. My favourite dessert is fudge brownies, coffee keeps me sane, binge-watching Netflix relaxes me, and cooking for people brings me joy. By day, I work as a Software Product Manager, but during the evenings and weekends I am in the kitchen cooking and baking delectable dishes and desserts.

I started the Dirty Apron Recipes blog in 2008. Dirty Apron Recipes is a blog devoted to simple cooking. Most of these recipes are easy to cook and aimed at people in the early stages of their culinary journey.

When I got married I didn't know much about cooking (I know, GASP!), just the bits and bots I did to help my mom around the kitchen. So the "hasb-e-zaiqa" (season-to-taste) recipes didn't really work for me. I'm a methodical person. I like clear instructions and exact, to-the-teaspoon recipes. Of course, with time, I've learned to enjoy experimenting with my cooking. My mom taught me to cook so most of the recipes you'll see on the blog are South Asian (Pakistani). 

I hope this blog brings you joy and helps you polish up your cooking skills :)

Other Affiliations

I recently started a home-based baking business called Dirty Apron Bakes. We're still in early stages and learning the ropes, but it's an exciting exciting time! 

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